CHEM 320L/321L
Organic Chemistry I Laboratory



Coordinator of Organic Labs
Andrea Drew
Gounev, Ph.D.
FH 510D, (816) 235-2257

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EXP. 1: Crystallization: Recrystallization

EXP. 1: Prelab Video

EXP. 1: Post Lab

EXP. 1: Post Lab Explanation (Clarification)

EXP. 2: Distillation: Steam Distillation of Toluene – Benzil Mixture

EXP. 2: Distillation Apparatus (You may bring this handout to lab!)

EXP. 2: Prelab Video

EXP. 2: Post Lab

EXP. 3: Extraction I: Partition Coefficient and Separations of Acid/Neutral and Base/Neutral (complete steps A-C during the first week), and Separation of Strong/Weak Acid (step D and any of A-C not finished first week during the second week).

(Note: this lab has been split into 2 different laboratory periods.)

EXP. 3: Prelab Video

EXP. 3: Post Lab

EXP. 4: Extraction II: Separation and Purification of the Components of an Analgesic Tablet

(Note: Experimental procedure must be written as a flowchart!)

EXP. 4: Prelab Video

EXP. 4: Post Lab

EXP. 5: Extraction III: Solid-Liquid Extraction: Trimyristin from Nutmeg

EXP. 5: Reflux Apparatus (You may bring this handout to lab!)

EXP. 5: Prelab Video

EXP. 5: Post Lab

EXP. 6: Grignard Reaction

EXP. 6: Prelab Video

EXP. 6: Post Lab

EXP. 6: IR spectrum of triphenylmethanol

EXP. 7: Substitution Reactions SN2: Synthesis of trans-1,2-dibenzoyl-cyclopropane

EXP. 7: Prelab Video

EXP. 7: Post Lab

EXP. 8: Substitution Reactions SN1: triphenylmethanol

EXP. 8: Prelab Video

EXP. 8: Post Lab

EXP. 8: Example of How to Write an Experimental Section!

EXP. 8: J. Org Chem Guidelines for Authors from 2007

EXP. 9: Elimination Reaction E1: Cyclohexene from cyclohexanol (fractional distillation)

EXP. 9: IR spectra of cyclohexanol and cyclohexene

EXP. 9: IR and NMR Handout

EXP. 9: Prelab Video

EXP. 9: Post Lab

EXP. 10: Elimination Reaction E2: Cyclohexene from bromocyclohexane

EXP. 10: Reflux Apparatus (You may bring this handout to lab!)

EXP. 10: Distillation Apparatus (You may bring this handout to lab!) and Actual Photo

EXP. 10: IR and NMR Handout

EXP. 10: Prelab Video

EXP. 10: Post Lab

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