On Thursday, June 24, 2003, Tippin's finally closed it's doors for the last time. They weren't supposed to close until Friday, but something got leaked to the press and the Kansas City Star posted an online article, and phone calls flooded in, catching us off guard. I spent the next two days cleaning and organizing, but now it is finally over. I started working for Tippin's in October of 1998 at the Lenexa location. After getting married and moving to Kansas City, I transferred to the Independence location in May of 2000. After graduating college, I was offered a management position, which I accepted in May of 2003. But now I have finally been forced to move on. It is all for the better, because I never wanted to make it my career, but feared the comfortability of the situation would trap me there until I was forced to move on. Now I have been given that opportunity. It is a bittersweet end, but a much-needed one. I will never forget Tippin's - the experiences, the employees, the drama, the opportunities, the customers, and everything else...good and bad. Tippin's will always be a part of my life (whether I like it or not). The following links are articles about the closings.

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CEO says low-carb craze spelled end for Tippin's


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