81 Years of Mathematics at UMKC/KCU
Fall 1933 - Spring 2013

Department History

Begun July 2012 by Richard Delaware
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A Sample:
Famous Faculty, Colorful Characters
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William A. Luby 1933-1946: William A. Luby
First Chair, One of first two faculty, Mathematics and Astronomy, Textbooks author
E. T. Bell 1942 Fall: Eric Temple Bell
Best-selling mathematics author, Visiting professor, MAA president
Ferdinand P. Beer 1943-1944: Ferdinand P. Beer
Best-selling author of mechanical engineering texts
Maria Castellani 1946-1961: Maria Castellani
Chair, Lena Haag Professorship, organized MAA MO section meeting at KCU, Women's activist
Norman N. Royall 1947-1975: Norman N. Royall, Jr.
Dean, 49 short mathematics films, Royall Hall, Thomas Jefferson Award
Yudell L. Luke 1955-1957, 1961-1983: Yudell L. Luke
Applied mathematician (special functions), Curator's Professor, organized MAA MO section meeting at KCU, several books, Midwest Research Institute
Bennie J. Pearson 1959-1991: Bennie J. Pearson
Chair, Student #28 of R. L. Moore, Spelunking (Caving)
Shirley A. Hill 1963-1993: Shirley A. Hill
NCTM president, Joint mathematics & education, Curator's Professor, MAA distinguished service award, MET lifetime achievement award

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